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The Best Types of Dog Food To Feed Your Yorkie on

Yorkies are certain types f dogs that do not need so much food due to their small sizes. Most of them are between three and eight pounds heavy. If yours is moderately active and do not weigh much, it will need around 150 of calories intake. But for the heavier and more active type, they need about 200 of calorie every single day.

One thing that you need to remember about Yorkies is that they tend to have very small stomachs. This means that they are not capable of standing two meals per day as the other dogs do. If they eat more than enough, they are likely to get sick. The best option is to organize for four small of feeding per day. This has worked for many Yorkies.

Most Yorkies tend to have dental issues. For this reason, dry foods makes the most suitable meal for them. This is due to the fact that The brittle texture of dry food is a natural way of cleaning the canines. But, you can as well occasionally give them a small amount of wet food. Just like some other types of dogs need protein in their meals, Yorkies also need the same. The best foods are the ones that contain animal protein. Turkey, beef , fish and lamb makes perfect examples. This should not worry you much as many of the known commercial feeds for dogs contain at least of the mentioned. The only thing that you have to ensure is that the protein is from the animal muscles only.

Yorkies also need carbohydrates. However, this is one thing that you ought to be more careful with. This is because certain varieties of carbohydrates found In the foods for dogs are never easy on the Yorkies stomach. For instance, corn and soy are never the best. The most recommended carbohydrate foods for them are sweet potatoes and even rice especially the brown rice. You only have to find brown rice of high quality as the fake types normally contain arsenic.

Fat plays a big role when it comes to dogs food. You will find that some types of foods for dogs never contain lot of fat. However, Yorkies need much fat so that they can keep their long and bright coats in good conditions. If you want to make them look more stylish, you need to give them a lot of fish oil. For those who cannot easily find dogs food that are rich in fish oil, they can as well buy the oil from the market and our sprinkle just a little on their Yorkies food.

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